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Al Bandary Hotel

Al Bandary Hotel Management was founded in 2013 with the aim to become one of the hospitality leaders in the region through establishing a world class portfolio of mid class to top luxury hotels that can perfectly meet the needs of business and leisure travellers.

With a clear vision of becoming one of the industry leaders, the companies top executives have set the principles of integrity, team work, recognition and innovation to be the foundation of the future company growth.

Purpose And Goals

To create and innovate all methods to exceed the need of the company customer in the provision of different hotel categories, residential accommodation and branded restaurants
The company will acquire and manage hotels, catering outlets and franchised restaurants that cover the requirements of all customers.
All company activities will take place with focused eyes and consideration on its responsibilities to its employees, customers and stakeholders.

Mission Statement

To be the leading multi branded Hotel chain in the region with excellent care and commitment to our customers, employees and stakeholders.
Maximizing revenue and profit by utilizing all opportunities and synergiesthat the company offer whilst implementing international standards and maintaining the local culture.

Vision Statement

To be one of the leading hospitality specialist management companies. A unique portfolio of different hotel brands that meet the requirements of the clients whilst maximizing the return of its stakeholders.
Our sustainable success will be achieved by making the customers our first priority and striving to exceed their expectations, leading by example and role modelling, a culture of excellence in every move we do.