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Ambassador Hotel, Terrace, 19th Floor

Ambassador Hotel, Terrace, 19th Floor
Name: Ambassador Hotel, Terrace, 19th Floor
Number: 2125
Customer: Ambassador Hotel Group Eujong
Designer / Consultant: Gansam Architects & Partners
Location: Seoul / South Korea
Representative: Jeil Asit Co., Ltd.
Solution: Hotel
Products: Retractable Structures 
Size: DF: Width 15m | Height 7.8m | Length 18m
Glazing: 6T + 16HB + 55.4 temp insulated
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Luxury Ambassador Seoul - A Pullman Hotel, near N Seoul Tower, offers traditional beauty in a modern way.  The sophisticated grand ballroom with media walls, urban sky rooftop, and various sized rooms provide successful meetings and events.

Grand Ballroom offers a noble royal wedding with 66 years of tradition.

Begin your “happily ever after” chapter with style and sophistication at Ambassador Seoul - A Pullman Hotel under Libart's roof.

When Gansam Architects & Partners wanted to create a useful space from an abandoned rooftop which is occupied by HVAC units only and designed a new roof hall for the area,  Libart’s Korean dealer Jeil Asit has successfully made this transition with  Libart’s FreeStanding Retractable Structure, DF system,  with tempered insulated glazing, that allows using the area all year round.

Reborn with artistic sensibility hotel presents a wedding that will be remembered as the happiest day. The atmosphere of classical grandeur, timeless elegance, and treasured moments under Libart's roof.

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