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Andaz Hotel

Name: Andaz Hotel
Number: Andaz Hotel
Location: Shenzhen / China
Solution: Hotel
Products: Panora Vertical Retracting Windows & Doors 
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China is becoming the hub of tourism in recent years. With the growing travel industry, the competition among the hotels is fierce. Andaz hotel in Shenzhen eagers to be different in the market with its architectural design and the wish will be fulfilled with Libart’s concept of outdoor freedom and indoor comfort. 
Libart with its global reach from west to east proved its expertise in the China region also. The new innovation of Panora-view systems that have 2 categories Panora-view Window and Panora-view Doors replaced the facade concept and brings exclusivity to Andaz hotel. 
These retractable structures can bear extensive wind load of 320 Kpa per square meter and most of all they are elegant. The 7-star Andaz Hotel will be completely operational in 2019. 

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