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Cafe del Principe

Cafe del Principe
Name: Cafe del Principe
Number: 4850
Location: Madrid, Spanien
Representative: Evergreen Solutions
Solution: Restaurant & Cafe
Products: Panora Vertical Retracting Windows & Doors 
Size: GUL-W2 & GUL-D3 / 9 units, 31m2
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A unique collection of innovative large format sash windows and doors or automatic guillotine windows that bring unparalleled panoramic views and space-saving benefits to virtually any location are called as Panoramic Windows and Doors at Libart.

Talking about this project which have the Panoramic windows integrated with the space that deserves this excited and elegant product. Creating a unique experience for the visitors of these café who can now have a look outside uninterrupted and feel themselves connected to environment. With no profiles in the center that hurdles the sight and decent motor for the retraction makes the space behave modern and unique

Automatic Guillotine Windows: 

With sizes up to 5m wide by 4.5m high, Panora - View is a practical and elegant alternative to conventional side-opening fenestration, such as Bi-Fold, or Sliding doors. The windows design which retracts vertically ensures superior daylighting, with uninterrupted views at eye-level, and maximizes the available floor space as no stacking or folding areas are necessary. Features include full motorization, top or bottom opening, minimal framing, and a choice of frames in an anodized finish or any RAL color.

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