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ClearSky Retractable Dome Systems


Daylighting is only of the three primary disciplines of alfresco consideration, the other two being airspace design and biophilic design

Airspace design requires both vision and engineering expertise that takes open-air- living to a whole new level. Every concept needs to be functional, durable and easy to operate. Libart with its decades of experience in the concept designing, manufacturing and installation of retractable systems has made the combination of day-lighting and airspace at its very best. 




ClearSky retractable dome systems have maximum size of 27m. Libart have the patented rail system where the system can be done on existing building structure or just with a support of steel structure. Dome system have the feature that it increases the opening space due to its functionality of integrating with building structure in a way that reduces the horizontal surface area because of the minimum structural parts that are required for operational rails. Dome retractable systems also provides a low height system when compared to class retractable skylight system and are better suited for climates with low to no snow accumulation.


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ClearSky retractable systems are environmentally friendly and efficient. Insulated glazing provides good thermal insulation and the options of full or partial opening give you the control of your new micro-climate in harmony with the elements of nature.

ClearSky retractable systems are large span opening skylights. They are ideal for restaurants, cafés, hotels, pubs, bars, offices, schools, carehomes, swimming pools, residential homes and other applications, where an aspirational retractable roof with a clear opening is required. Ease of motorized operation, structural integrity and safety of use are ensured by the SecurTrak™ low profile rail system, which is installed on top of a supporting structure or an existing building. Optional 24v DC photovoltaic solar cells can supply power for motorization, ambient lighting needs and ventilation, saving on the installation of external electrics.


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