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Gunaydin Apartments

Name: Gunaydin Apartments
Number: 2512
Location: Istanbul, TR
Solution: Residential Complexes
Products: Retractable Skylights / Roofs 
Size: 16m x 19m (52' x 62')
Glazing: -
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When you’re a landlord of a major apartment complex, the accessories of your lot are a great selling point for your condos. When you upgrade one of your major attractions to be used 24/7 it becomes a huge point of sale for your area. Libart enclosures are a great add-on to make maximum usage of your commercial and residential areas.

This apartment complex now enjoys all seasons use of its great lane pool. With the new Libart retracting pool cover residents can enjoy a nice swim after a game of basketball or relax in the pool on a winter morning. This 3 piece 6 bay opening roof can be adjusted by the tenants or the staff within mere minutes allowing for instantaneous indoor comfort with outdoor freedom.

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