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History Of Libart


1990 Libra Group      Served construction industry with innovative systems
1992 LibArt      Started with Façade and Sklights
1996 No 1      Libart becomes one of the largest skylight manufacturers in Europe
2000 Motion in Architecture      Started manufacturing retractable enclosures, structures and systems business
2002 Going Global      Entered North American market with business office in Canada
2009 USA      New production unit established in Ohio
2012 Australia      Factory established in Carrum downs, Victoria
2016 Panora View      Vertical Motorized Windows & Doors
2016 Kinetic      Innovative technology that introduced new perspective of otdoor views


2017 New Website      Libart went online with websites in 7 different languages
2018 United Kingdom      Partnership in UK facilitate in European clients
2018 India      Satisfying the demand of South Asian market
2019 China      This partnership expands business horizon in Far East
2019 Europe      New manufacturing unit established in Europe
2020 Panora Systems      Libart has found Panora brand for vertical retractable Windows & Doors
2021 Libart ME      Dubai Office has been established with the manufacturing facility
2021 Libart & Schueco ME Collaboration      A strategic partnership has been signed to support Schueco fabricators in Middle East