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Istanbul Pool ClearSky

Name: Istanbul Pool ClearSky
Number: 4248
Location: Istanbul, TR
Solution: Aquatic, Health & Sport
Products: Retractable Skylights / Roofs 
Size: 13.7m x 22.8m ( 45' x 75' )
Glazing: Top is 10mm twinwall PC with clear transparent acrylic on the sides
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A one-piece seamless structural panel for strength, beauty and easy operation. The retracting skylight over this pool atrium keeps the area warm and ready for use year round, whilst also allowing for outdoor freedom during the summer months.
The entire atrium skylight can pull back allowing fresh air and warm sunlight into the pool area, creating a unique and valuable experience for the pool area. The retracting skylight works also as an attraction for customers who come to enjoy an outdoor experience during the summers.

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