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Lagrangeville Retractable Strucute

Name: Lagrangeville Retractable Strucute
Number: 4398
Location: -
Solution: Private Villas
Products: Retractable Structures 
Size: 10m x 14.6m ( 34' x 48' )
Glazing: Top is glazed in 10mm clear transparent PC / All other glazing is 4mm clear acrylic.
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This enclosure features 10 millimeter transparent polycarbonate glazing that creates a fantastic indoor environment with the feel of outdoor freedom. It blocks harmful UV rays whilst allowing and trapping in heat from the sunlight.

Libart is the foremost specialist in designing retracting pool buildings that allow the residential owners full and total use of their pool. Being able to control your own backyard’s climate is an amazing feature for customers cutting down on maintenance costs and upping usage of your private areas.

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