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Mado Istmarina Shopping Center

Vertical retracting windows and retractable glass roof system
Vertical retracting windows and retractable glass roof system
Name: Mado Istmarina Shopping Center
Number: 4204
Customer: Mado Restaurant and Cafe
Location: Istanbul, TR
Solution: Restaurant & Cafe
Products: Kinetic Vertical Retracting Glass Railing Wind Break
Size: 1.50 x 1.85 (40 units)
Glazing: 6mm tempered glass
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The uniqueness of flower glass balustrade is simply in its design that makes it portable and functional. This next generation of glass balustrade fulfills the primary task of safety from wind whereas the secondary function of look and portability makes it the best choice for café and restaurants. Not fixed with ground allow the portability function but it did not minimize the strength of the structure. The bottom is strengthened with sand-filled boxes box located on both sides that are evolved with beautification as it became a little garden of flowers that will be natural and fresh.

Easy to open and easy to close operation along with no horizontal profile put up in the list of necessary items that a café must have if it is located in a windy place.

The Mado shopping mall which is located at the seaside chooses this vertical retracting glass balustrade considering the benefits mentioned above. Now the pictures say it all.

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