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Malta Private Villa

Name: Malta Private Villa
Number: 625
Location: Valletta, MT
Solution: Private Villas
Products: Retractable Skylights / Roofs 
Size: 7.7m x 13m (25' x 42')
Glazing: 16mm triple wall Solar Control PC glazing
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This retractable roofing system over a private residential pool is a double pitch (A frame) featuring 2×12 bays. The pool cover was built over a structural aluminum system with remote control motorized retractable roofing. The glazed in 16mm triple wall Solar Control (SC) PC glazing allows the owners of this inground pool to enjoy its comforts all year. This specific pool enclosure has the profile color Euro White (Ral 9101). The complete system  was supplied by Libart and sold and installed by CoverIt in Malta.
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