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New Jersey Enclosure

Name: New Jersey Enclosure
Number: 3854
Location: Cape May Courthouse , NJ, USA
Solution: Private Villas
Products: Retractable Structures 
Size: 9.4m x 6.7m (31' x 22')
Glazing: -
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While scouting out solutions for backyard and pool and spa usage this New Jersey family was initially looking to purchase a fixed cover for their space. However the Libart polycarbonate retractable roof ended up being not only a cheaper solution but also features amazing utility over the fixed enclosure.
Due to the New Jersey temperatures this family actually has their pool cover open during all of the summer months. When the 80 degree temperature begins to recede the owners can seal their modular building for indoor comfort yet still retaining their outdoor freedom.

The neighbours of the residence are in awesome the capacity of this structure, being able to enclose the entire pool and recreation while still being able to open for fresh air and comfort.

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