May 10th, 2019

Architectural Digest Chose Libart Systems

Architectural Digest is one of the leading architectural magazines that praises the wonders of architects in the world. When the magazine chose a list of the best atmosphere of terrace and patios that has a retractable system, it made a list of 7 projects.  Libart retractable structures and retractable glass roof system were also in the list; not just one but two of the projects were awarded, The Union Restaurant in Minneapolis and The God Frey Hotel in Chicago . We thank Architectural Digest for choosing Libart systems as one of the best retractable systems that provide the best atmosphere for terraces and patios. The trust of Libarts clients on the retractable glass roof system increase that attracts more commercial users to pursue these systems for their businesses to generate extra revenue. 

The retractable skylights installed on these restaurants have very wide opening that gives the view of the sky without any Hindrance. Libart have decades of manufacturing retractable systems that ranges from retractable glass roof systems to vertical retracting glass and doors. The research at the Libart future center never stops and the company always eager to provide the industry with new retractable systems that are modern and blends the outdoor space with indoor space without any obstacle in views. 

Check out the Pictures of Godfrey Hotel & Union Restaurant

                     GODFREY HOTEL  



                      UNION RESTAURANT 


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