September 17th, 2019

Employees Training Session

Training the employees and equip them with modern education and equipment’s is at the core value of Libart. Every week we have training and learning sessions ranging from the sales department to the factory workers. However, the most important for us is the safety of our Libart employees who are working at the site in different atmospheric and weather conditions.
This week at Libart training center, our project site execution team attended the session for “Working on High Altitudes”.
All the participants were screened out for their medical fitness. The modern gear for every individual that is comprised of Helmets, jackets, safety rails, boots, etc. was provided as per international standards. Modern equipment’s that are required to work on high altitudes considering the safety were provided and were given complete training on how to use them. Precautions to take and how to be a team and support each other while working at high altitude.

"Libart approach to employee safety first; keeps our employees feel like family"

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