July 12th, 2019

Leader in Swimming Pool Enclosure Market via QYR Research


The report issued by QYR research which is a leading global market research company based in Beijing stated in their report about Libart as a global market leader for Swimming pool enclosures. The research also shed light on global market insights 2019-2025 predicting the trend and growth in the industry. The detailed research report comprises of seven chapters which are; Product offered by Key players, manufacturing cost and analysis, profiling of prominent companies, market dynamics, market size, CAGR of important segments/regions and suggestions/recommendations for players to strengthen the market position. 
In chapter 3 of the report, detailed research on the key players was included considering their quality, market share, penetration, and innovation. Among all of them, Libart secured a vital position and listed on the top for all the aspects that were taken as dependent variables. 
We are very grateful to receive this title and we believe that it burdens us with more responsibilities to maintain the excellence in our products and services. At Libart we are looking forward to progress with ideas, diversity, innovation, feedback's and exchange the knowledge with industry of retractable structures benefiting as a whole. 






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