October 4th, 2021

Libart Middle East

Libart Enhancing Business Strategies in Middle East Region

Global manufacturer of retractable structures Libart have been investing in the Middle East region throughout 2020 to meet the needs of the rapidly growing modern market. Developed using aluminum and glass, Libart for almost 30 years has been actively raising the threshold for innovation on retractable structures such as freestanding, lean- to, skylights and façade systems such as windows, doors, balustrades and windbreakers.

Already having three production facilities in 3 different continents, Libart now focuses to implement a fourth production facility in Dubai to serve the middle east region.

Agreements Signed with ARKI Group for “Libart Middle East”

ARKI Group and leading turnkey fit out contractor and their “collaboration with leading international manufacturers from different sectors” enables ARKI Group to thoroughly answer the requirements of any given project or solution in the market. Innovation and diversity play a big part in the company’s business formation hence they always seek for the most beneficial partnerships.

The agreement between Libart and Arki Group to form ’ Libart Middle East’ will strengthen the companies exposure for the retractable solutions.  As a result of this agreement, 14 different countries are planned to be controlled under the “Libart Middle East” formation which is centered in Dubai, with an office and production facility.

The first positive outcome is the announcement of a strategic partnership between Libart and Schueco ME in the first quarter of 2021 which will allow architects, façade consultants and investors to receive quality and comprehensive service on retractable architectural systems.

Founder and CEO of Arki Group and Libart have expressed their perspective with a joint statement  “The synergy between our respective companies are very strong. We share the values, our commitment to quality, customer-focused approach, is unrivaled. We look forward to many decades of successful cooperation between Arki Group and Libart for the benefit of all stakeholders, especially architects and clients across the middle east."

More Growth and Increased Capacity Planned for 2022

The growth of Libart Middle East has started with a physical office in Dubai in the first half of 2021 and the completion of a manufacturing facility by the end of second half of 2021. Libart will continue to run all the engineering, product design processes from their headquarters in Turkey , but it is planned to have a fully-functioning and full-capacity manufacture line in Dubai by 2022. All ongoing jobs and upcoming jobs are passed to the Libart Middle East office, please kindly get in contact with the key contact people listed below to know more.

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