February 1st, 2024

Libart Strengthens Its Presence in Sweden!


A Strategic Alliance in Sweden for Retractable Architectural Solutions!

In a significant development, Libart has entered into a dealership agreement with Glasalux for sales and installation operations in Sweden and its surrounding regions. Glasalux, renowned for over 15 years for its bespoke design and production of glass solutions, has emerged as a key partner for Libart in this venture. During a comprehensive two-day business meeting at Libart's Design, Sales, and Manufacturing Center, Glasalux CEO Björn Wrangbäck was provided detailed insights into the features of our products, their applications, and the customized solutions offered to clients.

This collaboration not only fortifies Libart's dealer network in Sweden and neighboring areas but also promises success in the realm of retractable architectural solutions with Glasalux's expertise. Furthermore, by expanding the product range available to customers, we are supporting Glasalux's objective of broadening its market reach. Upholding our commitment to innovation and quality, we remain dedicated to delivering enhanced services to our clientele.

With customer satisfaction at the forefront of our priorities, we view this partnership as a valuable opportunity to further advance the Libart brand.

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