January 10th, 2024

Panora MAX GUL Series Performance & Static-Dynamic Load Tests

Panora MAX GUL Series Triumphs in FTI Performance Tests!

We're excited to share the remarkable results from the recent performance tests conducted by the Façade Testing Institute (FTI) on the Panora MAX GUL Series. These tests, adhering to European Norms (EN) standards, underscore the outstanding performance and durability of our windows.

  1. Performance Test Results:

  • EN 12207 - Air Permeability: Class 3 for area of operable parts (+-600 Pa)
  • EN 12207 - Air Permeability: Class 2 for operable joint lenght (+-300 Pa)
  • EN 12208 - Watertighness: Class 5A (200Pa)
  • EN 12210 - Wind Load Resistance: Class C3 (L/300 Criteria) (+-1200 Pa)
  • EN 12210 - Resistance to Safety Load: Pass (+-1800 Pa)

Panora MAX GUL Series has proven its mettle in the face of rigorous testing, outperforming industry standards and showcasing exceptional air permeability, water tightness, wind load resistance, and safety load resilience. Elevate your expectations with Panora windows – where performance meets perfection!

  1. Static and Dynamic Load Test Results

  • NF P 01 - 013 - Static (Horizontal) Load – Safety Load (441kg) Successful
  • NF P 01 – 013 – Dynamic Load (Impact) 600 Joule: Point 4 - Successful

The Panora MAX GUL Series not only successfully handled a fixed and continuous load in the static test but also showcased remarkable resilience in the dynamic test. The system's ability to absorb and respond to the "energy" from a freely dropped weight speaks volumes about its robust design and structural integrity.

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