October 31st, 2022

Panora MAXI GUM+ D3 Façade Testing Institute Test Report

Libart Is Pleased To Share The Results Of The Test Carried Out By Façade Testing Institute For Its Panora MAXI GUM+ D3, Vertical Retracting Window & Doors Systems

Cem Comu, Founder & CEO of Libart sait that “It goes without saying that our main motto is all about our customer's satisfaction with our distributors in 40+ countries and manufacturing centers in USA, UAE, Australia, and Turkey. Now, it is time to show you the continuous improvement of Panora Vertical Retracting Windows & Doors products, a brand owned by Libart that offers Motion in Architectural Solutions through research and development (R&D) to take a step forward. We are plased to share the test results from Façade Testing Institute with you. We will always develop our products based on ongoing trends and feedback from Libart’s customers.”

Libart, a leading global manufacturer of operable architectural solutions, comprised of aluminum, glazed and electromechanical systems for the building industry, announced the Façade Testing Institute's test results on October of 2022. Panora MAXI GUM+ D3 sample has gone through a strict testing procedure to secure quality and reliability to achieve accurate results. The product result has a ‘Class’ to indicate how it performed in each test. It consists of 4 stages as listed below.

Air Permeability: Our systems have been tested according to the EN 12207 standard, which measures the air permeability of windows and doors. In this test process, it was determined how much air the system passed under 600 Pa air pressure. According to the test results, our systems were deemed suitable for the Class 3 category. This result proves the durability of our system under heavy wind.

Water Tightness: The test, which measures the water permeability of the system under high pressures, is carried out according to the EN12208 standard. During this test, water is sprayed on the system under different pressures for certain periods. Classification is made according to the pressure value with the highest resistance. Panora group product, which is a movable vertical façade system, has got Class 6A level in this field.

Wind Load Resistance: The steps in the EN12210 standard are applied to measure the deflection of the facade system under high wind pressure. When our system was subjected to this test under a high wind load of 1200 Pa, it obtained Class C3 (L/300 criteria) value, providing the highest value that can be obtained at this pressure value. This is the most important indicator that the robustness of our system is at the highest level.

Resistance to a Safety Load: The extreme load test is applied to the system from both sides for a certain period of time, 1.5 times the designed load. Our system successfully passed this test, which was applied at ±1800 Pa according to the EN12210 standard, without any damage or defects.

Our aim to develop and update our products to serve you better. For this reason, we would like to present you the Facade Testing Institute (FTI) Test Report regarding our product Panora MAXI GUM+ D3, Vertical Retracting Window & Doors Systems.

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