March 20th, 2024

Strategic Dealership Network Growth

Libart is capturing attention with its aggressive moves in the international arena. The expansion of its dealership network in Romania, Sweden, Slovakia, Serbia, and Australia within the past month is enhancing the company's capacity to offer its dynamic architectural solutions across broader geographical regions.

Deals struck with SkyLux in Romania, Glasalux in Sweden, Glass Works in Slovakia, and TE Cooling Heating Doo in Serbia, Aluminium and Glass in Australia (Sydney) and Creative Windows in Australia (Victoria & New South Wales) have bolstered Libart's dealership network. These developments further solidify Libart's international sales and installation network.

With a steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction, Libart continues to excel in creating unique atmospheres in commercial and residential spaces with its dynamic architectural products. The company takes pride in its 30-plus years of experience in serving clients worldwide.

Among Libart's upcoming objectives is the expansion from Asia to Europe. In line with these goals, the company aims to increase its global impact and bring its innovative architectural solutions to even wider audiences.

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