May 22nd, 2019

Turkey Build 2015

Turkey Build Trade show started on the 21st of April and ended on the 25th of April,2015. LIBART distributors and LIBART dealers around the world came to Turkey to the trade show and saw the new developments and also they went through a detailed training. LIBART's new developments were very attractive to the visitors of the trade show.

The new Panora Vertical Retracting Window systems and the insulated glass guillotine action Panora Vertical Retracting Windows & Doors systems were the star of the stand. Also all the visitors were very interested of the new on module motor system that charges with sun panels and works with batteries.

LIBART has been visited by over 1000 people during the 5 day show. Architects and Architect students were the most interested group of the new products and new developments. The students who have visited us at the trade show wants to use LIBART products in their school projects, LIBART will gladly help them with their work.

We as LIBART thank to all our family members; dealers, agents, distributors, manufacturing partners, clients and everyone who has visited us during the trade show.

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