Al Jalsa Garden Lounge

Al Jalsa Garden Lounge

Project Name:Al Jalsa Garden Lounge
Solution:Hotel & Resort
System:Retractable Skylights
Sub System:ClearSky
Size:Span: 12500 mm, Length: 19500 mm, 16 Bay
Glazing:16X Solar Ice Polycarbonate
Project Number:8954

A modern oasis and a unique experience at the heart of the glamorous city of Doha. Al Jalsa Garden Lounge is located in the Intercontinental Hotel, Doha, Qatar and was designed to provide guests a memorable dining experience under the stars of Middle Eastern skies. Either for breakfast or other meals in a day with a menu comprising the best selection of Arabic food and beverages or a gathering for a quality time accompanied by shishas and delicious mocktails, Al Jalsa Garden Lounge is equipped with architectural features that embrace ambient and functional qualifications.

The space that was formerly an open area among two buildings was successfully transformed into a magical garden restaurant with Libart’s retractable skylight installation. The flexible benefits of the product helped the business flourish in any season, any time of the day and in any weather condition by its superior design. Libart’s retractable skylights once again proved its unrivaled capacity of adaptability, strength, and aesthetics in the form of a remarkably installed covering structure over Al Jalsa Garden Lounge. This is another example of the multi-use space configurations in hotels and other commercial spaces that Libart helped achieving.

The covering of the area corresponding to 12,5m span and the 19,5m length, gave the Intercontinental hotel a brand-new functioning space and a profitable revenue that can be used in different circumstances in this retrofit project.

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