Ambassador Hotel, Pool, 4th Floor

Ambassador Hotel, Pool, 4th Floor

Project Name:Ambassador Hotel, Pool, 4th Floor
Location:Seoul / South Korea
Solution:Hotel & Resort
System:Retractable Structures
Sub System:FreeStanding
Size:DF: Width 13.5m | Height 7.1m | Length 31m
Glazing:6T + 16HB + 55.4 temp insulated
Project Number:8491

What can a hotel offer to its guests that makes the stay remarkable? What are the factors leading a guest to talk about their time in a hotel to their friends and family? In terms of hospitality the comfort of a room, the taste of the food and the quality of service are of course very important parameters. However, Ambassador Hotel takes it to the next level with some unique architectural features.

Ambassador Hotel designed by Gansam Architects & Partners, redefines the conception of a pool with Libart’s retractable structures. The 4th Floor Pool terrace has a lot to offer in all seasons, each and every day of the year. Located in Seoul, the heart of South Korea, Ambassador Hotel’s approach to a luxurious stay shines bright in the competitive accommodation industry.

On contrary to all other climate control methods the structure surrounding the pool can completely disappear with an easy operation. Beautiful Seoul cityscape lays underneath the feet of the visitors when the weather is good without any obstruction. Not a single column, beam or transom is left in the view when Libart’s retractable structure system is closed rendering the pool area as an outdoor pool.

Today’s rapidly evolving technology has an impact on everything. How we live, how we communicate, what we expect from a building, our needs, what we like, what is extraordinary and what is mundane. Things are in motion. And Libart embraces this motion in architecture, turning spaces into practical, efficient and profitable venues.

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