Antorman Apartments

Antorman Apartments

Project Name:Antorman Apartments
Location:Istanbul, TR
Sub Solution:Aquatic & Swimming Pool
Residential Complexes
System:Retractable Skylights
Sub System:ClearSky
Size:38m x 20m (124' x 65')
Glazing:16m Multi-wall Solar Control PC
Project Number:4699

Retractable roofs for the Pools of Residential Buildings:

The opportunity to become a unique Residential complex was availed by the designers of the Antorman apartments. They covered the pool of this town-house complex with a retractable roof that exhibits the double feature of the Indoor & Outdoor pool at per the desire. Saving the money for having one pool instead of two pools is an intelligent decision because the swimming pool can be covered with the retractable room that close and open easily on the touch of a button. 
Motorized roof made of the aluminum structural system and glazed with triple-wall cross-reinforced 16m Multi-wall, Solar Control PC, provides soft natural light, excellent insulation and 99% UV filtration. When closed, this special glazing provides a comfortable and natural light-filled environment without the dark and enclosed feeling of indoor pools. In those beautiful hours, days or weeks when the sun shines.

The roof can be opened within minutes with a touch of a button to provide the joy of outdoor swimming experience. A total win-win solution for everyone.

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