Avalon AVM

Avalon AVM

Project Name:Avalon AVM
Location:Istanbul / TR
Solution:Shopping Mall
System:Retractable Skylights
Sub System:ClearSky
Size:VK: 58.3m x 19.4m | RRG: 26m x 4m (2 systems)
Project Number:4760

The Avalon AVM shopping center in Istanbul had a fixed glass skylight of 1000 square meter. The owners want to open the roof for providing an outdoor shopping experience to its customer but unable to get permission for the reason that the roof is fixed. In a single meeting with Libart, the investors were convinced with the solution of Retractable Roof. Just because the structure retracts the problem was solved and it will be considered an open area.

Here comes the challenge for Libart where the clients want to reuse the glass in the new structure and as usual team at Libart faced it with honor and reused the existing glass along with the steel structure to give extra strength to the roof. Customizing the design which we are proud of, and we did it again for this project with the combination of two products ClearSky and Sola Glide. 
We took extra preparation to install this huge structure considering the safety of workers. Works on the plan for installation all the systems were connected on the ground including the glazing. Balanced locks were fitted at the end of the frames so that it can be lifted easily. This process makes the works safer and faster.

The experience in designing, manufacturing and installing enables Libart’s to complete this project without a flaw. As per plan, the shopping center will be fully operational in the last quarter of 2019. That’s all from Libart on site in Turkey.

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