Bakirkoy City

Bakirkoy City

Project Name:Bakirkoy City
Location:Istanbul, Turkey
Sub Solution:Aquatic & Swimming Pool
Residential Complexes
System:Retractable Skylights
Sub System:SolaGlide
Size:RRG 400 m2 | W: 14.3m - L: 28m | 28 Bays
Glazing:6mm cool LowE 50/33 Temper+16+(4+4) mm
Project Number:2578


Thinking of transforming high-value outdoor spaces into elegant, stylish and inviting environments? How a big residential complex which has everything to offer can be different from others in the cities? How about Motion architecture? 

Motion Architecture: 

Look at the pictures and feel yourself swimming under this glass roof. You just have to forget about the weather and enjoy the swim at any time of the year and any time of the day. This is the single biggest value addition to the Bakirkoy residency that makes it stands out; not to forget once seen. 
Residential apartments is a good business but competitive. Figuring out; How to make it attractive and an ideal place for living, hard, just because the urban residential spaces needs to satisfy the luxurious emotions. In this modern era of architectural styles and designs, Life should feel the height of its good mood featuring all the pros of technologies enhancing the lifestyle at the most. 
Bakirkoy city residential project is one of the esteemed projects in Istanbul due to its location. It is located in the center of Istanbul with the liveliest districts to be lived in. The project consists of 5 blocks and all are designed as 12 stories. Among the many facilities which are fitness center social clubs, kids playing area; the worth eyeing is the Swimming Pool with a retractable glass roof system
Enclosure installed at the swimming pool, the retractable structure gives fresh life to residents to entertain themselves and relax twelve months a year. It permits them to swim in an open-air with healthy sunlight or protect themselves from harsh winters. The sleek and modern design of the structure offers a fundamental environment of lavish within the whole project. 
Libart Retractable SolaGlide system is the bright star for the Bakirkoy management during their advertising campaign. The management was able to calculate that the ROI is much higher than the expectations. Yes, Libart gives way to motion architecture. 




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