Bolu Private Pool

Bolu Private Pool

Project Name:Bolu Private Pool
Location:Bolu, TR
Sub Solution:Villa
Aquatic & Swimming Pool
System:Retractable Structures
Sub System:FreeStanding
Size:13.7m x 36.6m ( 44' x 120' )
Project Number:4422


With a retractable pool enclosure, you can enjoy your pool year-round, even in the rain and snow. This statement of weatherproofing not just apply to the commercial users but for the private users also. Suppose you have invested a huge sum of amount to relax in your private pool, but when the weather is cold, snowy, rainy or windy, this luxury of yours is of no use and you are staying inside the home waiting for the next summers. Did you like it? Of-course No.

Believing this a huge problem for your investment; Libart solutions of retractable glass pool enclosures are the best match. Customized as per request enclosure can be installed at the pool giving you the ultimate freedom from the weather so that you and your family can enjoy and relax at their mood and plan.

The owner of this particular retractable pool enclosure which was installed in a private villa in Bolu city of Turkey was delighted with the solution of Libart. He said that it did not just save us from winters but also save me and my family from sunburns in summers. The maintenance cost for the pool decreased sufficiently that ultimately covers up my cost for this retractable enclosure in a few years. Apart from that this pool enclosure makes my name famous in the city and now this place is the venue for family and friends gathering.

This manual operating dome-shaped retractable pool enclosure is unique, functional and looks beautiful. The retraction works in three locations, both ends, and the center. Apart from the main pool, there is a special section covering the kid's pool that slides on patented rails of Libart the same as the big one. 
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