Ceylan Hotel

Ceylan Hotel

Project Name:Ceylan Hotel
Location:Istanbul, TR
Solution:Hotel & Resort
Restaurant & Cafe
RoofTop Bar & Restaurant
System:Retractable Skylights
Sub System:SolaGlide
Size:7.2m x 11.8m ( 23' x 38' )
Glazing:Pc Glazing
Project Number:4593

Normal patio enclosures suffer from being completely sealed, defeating the purpose of having an open air eating area. This retracting skylight over the patio eagles nest looking across continents allows the area to still be used as a smoking deck and an open air eating area. Located at the  Ceylan Hotel in Istanbul, 30th floor this all glass retractable skylight and glass vertical walls for observation create a perfect and unique embodiment of the café experience.

It is always important for the owners of the hotels to maximize the revenue. Return on Investment is necessary and the high investment of any hotel is purely dependent on the location. Why should not use your outer space all round the year to generate more revenue. Your customers will still choose your hotel because you got them covered with retractable glass roof when the weather is bad. 

Drone Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EPKd_qaqI1U 

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