City Works of Orange Village

City Works of Orange Village

Project Name:City Works of Orange Village
Location:OHIO / USA
Solution:Restaurant & Cafe
System:Panora - Vertical Opening Windows & Doors
Size:S: 10 ft 2.5 in | W: 7 ft 9.5 in | 3 Bays Identical
Project Number:5071


Libart’s eye-catching Panora Vertical Retracting Windows & Doors systems installed at City Works of Orange Village provided the space with a competitive advantage at Pinecrest Development in Beachwood, OH. Located at the Clevland’s shopping, dining, and living district this restaurant opened its doors at 10 Park Ave., Suite 106, Beachwood, OH in the Pinecrest Development. Fairmount Properties which is a real estate tycoon for various projects; invested a sum of $240 million in Pinecrest development of which City Works of Orange is a part. 

The principal architect Tristan Dacre was responsible for designing the restaurant floor plan of City Works of Orange Village project. For him, the design must be in a way that maximizes valuable floor space for adequate seating and to make the flow of traffic efficient. The creativity and technical knowledge of the experienced yet skillful architect transform the idea into reality using the retractable glass operating full functional automated vertical windows that connect the two dining areas without exploiting any square footage when in the open position

Dacre’s experience in the restaurant and hospitality industries equipped him to explore the best solutions, following the mission of conserving valuable floor space. The feel and environment that City Works provides have to be distinct and lively as the standard was set before. Considering all this he chose to install the Libart Panora GUG-W3 Retractable Window system on the west side of the restaurant. Libart’s operable architectural solution allows guests to be seated next to the window, both inside and outside! Each bay retracts downward and consolidates its panels to create a balustrade that optimizes space utilization. 


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