City Works of Wheeling

City Works of Wheeling

Project Name:City Works of Wheeling
Solution:Restaurant & Cafe
System:Panora - Vertical Opening Windows & Doors
Size:SPAN 7 ft 10 in | WIDTH 10 ft 8 in (4 Identical Bays)
Project Number:8409

In the above video the manager of City Works of Wheeling put light on the benefits of having Libart Panora - View

City Work’s Eatery and Pour House if one of the most famous restaurant chains in the USA that attracts the crowd for their well-integrated outdoor patios and cavernous dining atmospheres. It serves a list of cunning beers with luscious food to their customers for twelve months of a year. The restaurant is among the five brands which are owned by the restaurant group; Bottleneck Management. The group looking after 17+ vibrant, high energy locations has stated that City Works is the best one which has expanded to nine locations within just three years of a short time. This rapid expansion which started in Midwest locations from the inception of the first branch in 2016; invite the eagerness to maintain and improve the customer experience so that the real variety won’t be lost in the fast pace. The vision is simple; to create an experience for the customers – bringing a discreet interior and exterior design to enclose the main dining area from the adjoining patio space. Bottleneck management owners were keen to shape the new formula for enriching the atmospheric experience within their restaurants and that they have found Libart’s engineered designs.

It was all started on the eve of August 19, 2019, when Bottleneck management finally put the first stone for its second City Works location for the state of Illinois. Named with the City Works of Wheeling; it occupies the land space of 10,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor sitting in Wheeling Town’s Center’s mixed-use pedestrian plaza.

Tristan Dacre, a founding partner at Dacre & Youngquist LLC and Principal Architect for City Works of Wheeling, has triggered the idea of creating an eco-system of profound environmental and saving operational space with the design solution. This will be an intelligent system that was integrated with motion in architecture concept to heed for the solution of saving valuable floor space. He was not in the favor of contemporary retractable glass systems that have folding panels which require a lot of space around during the operation, ultimately costing the hotel space and money. Having installed Libart’s architectural systems for previous projects, Dacre looked to Libart once more for design solutions.

The solution was interestingly Libart’s GUG-D4 Retractable Glass Doors which were placed on the places of windows because they retract vertically upside direction and consolidated panels integration; free up the commercial space allowing the customers for panoramic views or impeding on the restaurant’s square footage. The Panora – View systems of Libart are mostly attracted by the hospitality industry where the basic requirement is giving customer’s a different experience with your vicinity or service. These innovative retractable systems provide an unobstructed view, better ventilation, and protection for unwanted elements. Each Panora - View operating system is available with integrated and automated screens and shades to continue the outdoor experience for your interior guests.
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