Coastal Maine Home

Coastal Maine Home

Project Name:Coastal Maine Home
Location:Brunswick, ME, USA
Sub Solution:Villa
System:Retractable Structures
Sub System:FreeStanding
Size:26' x 60'
Glazing:Pc Glazing
Project Number:2375

The infamous Sebascodegan, Maine, in the north of Portland is a small island located in the Casco Bay. With just 4500 habitats; the town is peaceful with the architectural landmark of Cribstone bridge. The winters on the island are much harsh due to its location at the northern end but also welcome the mild summers tempered by the Atlantic Ocean. One and all the landscape and picturesque scenic beauty of this place are majestically overwhelmed in this tiny corner of the world.

Words are not enough to portray the amazing views and the emotions that are inherited on this island; however, it can be simply said that anyone who is there can be a poet; by coming with phrases to immortalize and romanticize the views and experiences of the island.

Imagine you have a house at this place and there is a hot pool in this gem of an island, but to enjoy this tub you have to build a wall and put a concrete roof; is it justifiable to block the serene view? No, it is not when Libart has the solution for it. Retractable pool enclosure that you are looking in the pictures; having bold lines of a unique black frame complement the other property structures, and a clean, modern-yet-minimalist feel keeps the focus on the real beauty here — the view through the trees of the sunrise over the waves of Casco Bay.

Nevertheless, the justification is pure with the placement of this retractable glass roof system.

More details: 

The glazing package was 4 millimeter clear monolithic polycarbonate for the gabled end walls and the side walls as well as 16mm multiwall clear translucent polycarbonate for the roof panels. Awesome Black Frame Color. One D5 Door in the gabled and wall , one D7 Door on the sidewalk, and 4 windows.

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