Coopers Hawk Liberty Township

Coopers Hawk Liberty Township

Project Name:Coopers Hawk Liberty Township
Location:OHIO / USA
Solution:Restaurant & Cafe
System:Panora - Vertical Opening Windows & Doors
Size:13’ W x 14’ H | GU - D4 (Quantity=2)
Project Number:2101

Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant is a concept restaurant that is designed to pair perfectly with the selection of dishes and their own Cooper’s Hawk wines. In 2005 the company was incepted in the south suburb of Chicago on the idea of all under one roof: a full-service bar, an upscale dining restaurant, a Napa-style tasting room, a retail gift store, and private barrel-aging room. 
The same warmth and elegance were integrated into each location satisfying the client expectations. Yet, the uniqueness for each location displays its exclusive décor and feel. 
The Liberty Township was the 24th addition in the restaurant chain where the owners selected the real state developer, Ohio retail and hospitality development; Steiner + Associates. They were burdened with the task to create an environment that brings the new and exciting flavor of innovation, combining a community-oriented feel with a bold commercial experience. To achieve this objective, they added a unique dynamic component that can enhance customer engagement and interaction to the Location. 
That unique component is Libart Panora – View Panoramic Vertical Retracting Door. The operation of a door system defines simply as panels collect in the up position when open. Simply a glass wall that disappears when open, offering a seamless entrance connecting the outdoor with indoor. When closed it saved the customers from unfavorable weather allowing them to remain intact with the outdoor views with little or no hindrance. 

Special Features: Permits seating for the full length of the Panora - View sections and on each side (inside and outside) without disruption to seating or guests during operation.

Review from a Cooper Hawk Client: 
Wanted to check out the location that opened up in August. Was really excited to see the set up. I was right! The tasting room is much bigger and very spacious. We looked around and really loved the feel and atmosphere. My favorite is the bar area. They have an outdoor patio (plenty of comfy seating) and a glass window that opens up near the bar which is gorgeous.(Yelp review, Sandra F., Sep 8, 2016) 

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