Dark Hill Hotel Restaurant

Dark Hill Hotel Restaurant

Project Name:Dark Hill Hotel Restaurant
Location:Istanbul , TR
Solution:Hotel & Resort
Restaurant & Cafe
RoofTop Bar & Restaurant
System:Retractable Structures
Sub System:LeanTo
Size:6.2m x 22m (19' x 72' )
Glazing:6mm Tempered Sunenergy + 12mm Air gap + 4mm+4mm (insulated glass)
Project Number:3588
Restaurants with high comfortability are chosen by visitors or tourists. The dark hill hotel who serves its top floor as a high notch restaurant on the belief that the view of the Istanbul city is the attraction of this venue. Well, they are right with their belief as you can see a birds-eye view of the city having food and drink. The dining experience is wonderful, but the management takes this comfortability to the next level by installing a Lean-to Retractable system of Libart. The retractable glass roof system changed the game for the owners.
Libarts’ concept of motion in architecture is benefiting the industry of cafes and hotels. The Dark hill took notice of this as they see projects on the Libart website, and they were amazed to see the transformation of rooftop cafes in Chicago by the retractable systems.


The calculation of the ROI is simply amazing. How? After Installing the retractable system, the hotel can now operate every day of the year which was not possible before. Whatever the weather is, Dark Hill restaurant doors will be open for its customers. Moreover, the touch of royalty that the customer feels under this unique retractable glass roof system of Libart ultimately increased. The charm of majesty and the experience of comfortability is what the restaurant offers now to its customer. Simple said the indoor freedom and outdoor comfort comes with Libart Retractable glass roof systems. The sleek design and the adaptability for the existing architecture make the Libart products to stand out and beat the competition.

Why choose Libart? 

Libart as an experienced company in operable architectural products provides its customers with the conceptualization of the project, design, manufacturing and installing. The clear communication and commitment for every single job, the research, and innovation for each task to be completed in a perfect manner makes Libart lead the way in the Industry of Retractable systems

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