Denver Villa

Denver Villa

Project Name:Denver Villa
Location:Denver , Colorado, US
Sub Solution:Villa
System:Retractable Structures
Sub System:LeanTo
Size:7.6m (25') x 30.6m (100')
Glazing:10 mm clear translucent twin wall
Project Number:4721

This gorgeous home on the foothills of Denver featured a backyard pool at 245 square meters. Suffering from wind, rain and an average of 150 centimeters of snow during the winter it was difficult for the owners to attain full usage of their amazing terrace and patio. Libart’s Robert Larden and project manager Jeff Manger collaborated for 9 months to produce this extraordinary patio building.

With the patented “Securtrack” system the backyard swimming pool enclosure is capable of withstanding the heavy winds without budging, the 190mm thick bars can endure the thick snow and tempered panels offer protection from harsh light so that at any point in the year the owners can enjoy indoor comfort and outdoor freedom.

This manor’s terrace covering follows the lean-to model retractable structure and retractable system, having a lock on the patio floor as well as the side of the home internal motors allow the entire adaptive building to silently and smoothly open at the push of a button. Homeowners Lou and Tanis were extremely pleased with the final result, commenting that this was “The happiest moment as we can now enjoy the Indoor comfort and Outdoor Freedom utilizing our hard earned money for 12 months." 

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