Project Name:Epicenter
Location:Kyiv / Ukraine
Solution:Restaurant & Cafe
System:Retractable Skylights
Sub System:SolaGlide
Project Number:6274

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Epicenter which is the largest network of shopping centers in Ukraine started its operation with the opening of first hypermarket on December 6, 2003. Since then, the Epicenter has been developing and expanding steadily, encompassing not only regional centers but also district cities. Today, Epicenter is the largest retail and retail company with 51 shopping centers with a total area of more than 1 million m2.

With the growing network of shopping centers, the Epicenter decided to transform the roof of the Headquarter i.e. located in Kyiv, within the private lounge to host its customers for a fine dine and provide them with a unique experience of Indoor comfort and Outdoor comfort. The management of Epicenter got this idea from Libart portfolio of Roof Top Restaurants that are getting famous with their retractable glass roof and windows systems.

There were two systems that were installed for this roof top Lounge Bar

SolaGlide Retractable Skylights

Model: RRG – 75%
Length: 14.8m
Span: 4.5 m
Structure: 10 Bays
Glazing: 6T clear solar lowe 50/33 + 16 + 5 clear 0.76pvb 5 clear             

Panora – View Vertical Retracting Window

Size: Width: 5.8 m | Height: 3.7 m
Model: GUG – W3 (4 Units)
Glass: Insulated glass (Glass: 8mm, Gap: 16mm, Glass 8mm)
Wind Support: 78 mm inside, 120 mm outside
Glazing: Tinted Float (6mm T + 20 airgap + 6mmT)

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