Godfrey Hotel

Godfrey Hotel

Project Name:Godfrey Hotel
Location:Chicago , IL, US
Solution:Hotel & Resort
RoofTop Bar & Restaurant
Leisure & Recreation
System:Retractable Structures
Sub System:LeanTo
Size:6 m x 24 m
Project Number:6006

Motion in Architecture is the founding pillar of Libart's vision and mission. The product and service we are offering from three decades are evolving with R&D considering the basic idea of Motion that leads its way for the architectural designs. The company is illustrated among the architects and designers around the globe for its projects at some of the hottest spots across the globe. From Freestanding retractable Pool Enclosure in South Korea at St., Johns Hotel to the retractable Lean-To System at the rooftop of Union Restaurant in Minneapolis USA, our high-quality products, invaluable experience, and leading-edge design are what bring clients back for more.

The team at Libart was genuinely excited to become part of this iconic building of Godfrey in Chicago and contribute to the beauty and ambiance of I|O Urban Roofscape on this building’s fourth floor. From the day of its inception, it was the best space to experience the urban landscape of Chicago that also adds joy to the visitor's day with an open-air dining facility.

It was a famous, well-known restaurant and the venue was booked in advance all the time in summers but unfortunately in those months when Chicago welcome the winters; the I/O urban roofscape was not excited as it should be. Listed as the prime location for daytime dining, nightlife, and events the venue definitely had a dire need of solution to became operational every day of the year without the care for weather. This dream of immortality to the restaurant life came true with Libarts solutions of “Transforming commercial spaces”.

Edgy cubist design and aluminum façade make the rooftop iconic where the tradition of innovation and creativity at Libart resulted in a perfect combination!

WOW Factor

This project was mentioned in the famous architectural magazine Architectural Digest. The blog with the name Seven Restaurant with Retractable Roofs have two Libart projects mentioned Godfrey Hotel and Union Hotel.

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