Grand Hotel Dei Dogi

Grand Hotel Dei Dogi

Project Name:Grand Hotel Dei Dogi
Solution:Hotel & Resort
System:Retractable Skylights
Sub System:SolaGlide
Size:RRG 75% and %25 Opening, Span: 4801 mm, Length: 4000 mm, 4 Bay
Glazing:Movable Glass: Neutral: 6T mm Solar Low-e 70/37 + 16mm + 55.2 Semi Tem. Laminated. Fixed Glass: Neutral: 6T mm Solar Low-E 50/33Tempered+16mm+55.2 Semi Tem. Laminated.
Project Number:1838

An exceptional contribution to a beautifully decorated historical venue with Libart’s Retractable Skylight technologies... Embracing a vision that prioritizes customer satisfaction and perfect hospitality, Grand Hotel Palazzo Dei Dogi offers safety, comfort and extraordinariness to its customers, carefully thinking about every single detail in the building. This is why Libart’s Skylight structures were the excellent choice to fit into this royal dream of accommodation by clearing the space for the blue sky to lay upon residents.

Libart’s Retractable Glass Roof structure flourishes a humble existence among Venetian roofscape while stimulating the Italian urge for romance in architecture. NH Collection Hotels, the customer for the project, regulates its venues around the criteria of exceptional location, design and atmosphere and consistent service determination in favor of moving the bar higher than any guest’s expectations which is a parallel statement to what Libart has been doing for architecture.

The structural integrity and the aesthetic appeal of Libart’s Retractable Glass Roof Structure provided that edge to go one step beyond expectations by safely covering a 4,8m span with 4 bays that harbor solar protection and climate control. A successful addition and a contemporary functionality layer to the hotel that is located in the 17th century Rizzo-Patarol palace. This superior architectural feature celebrates the historical features of the building and spares Grand Hotel Dei Dogi among others.

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