Hesley Nine Bridges Golf Club Roof

Hesley Nine Bridges Golf Club Roof

Project Name:Hesley Nine Bridges Golf Club Roof
Location: Yeonla-dong / South Korea
Solution:Leisure & Recreation
Sub Solution:Health & Sport Centers
System:Retractable Skylights
Sub System:ClearSky
Size:BFB: 9.5m W | 5m L
Glazing:66.2 mm + 16 + 66.2 mm laminated glass
Project Number:9211

Heasley Nine Bridges Golf Clubhouse is a one-of-a-kind destination in Yeon Dang, South Korea with its magnificent nature and superior architecture. The iconic main building was rewarded with many awards and found its place in the most prestigious architectural magazines and websites. Libart is proud to be a part of this beautiful complex with one of its retractable skylight models as we believe it went well with the general aura of the resort and complimented the natural lighting manifesto of the building in overall.

Heasley Nine Bridges Golf Clubhouse has been ranked in the “Top 100 Platinum Clubs of The World” 5 times in the last decade which proves the establishment’s effort in terms of quality and superiority. Although the unique location of the resort puts it ahead in the competition, the real case is the experience they provide to their customers. A remarkable terrain overflowing with green and edgy rock-scapes, ponds and little lakes, tall and glorious Asian trees are made visible with a tall and completely glass façade which becomes the perimeter to an extra-ordinary ceiling structure that was selected as one of the “Most Beautiful Ceilings in the World” by BBC in 2016. 

In other words, light and the transparency is the key element in this architectural piece which is something Libart is good at providing. For a roof in the complex Libart’s Retractable Roof Structure was preferred which helped both increasing the floor height and letting the natural lighting in. An area of almost 50 square meters that has 9,5meters width and 5 meters length was covered with the retractable roof structure.

The area that was covered can now be used as both a well-received atrium and an open courtyard thanks to the adaptability feature it gained via this retractable roof structure.

To sum up; the architecture of the building has the intention of designing the volume rather than the surface. The ability to carry the horizontal experience of two-dimensional blueprint to the third dimension is remarkable. The general experience of Heasley Nine Bridges Golf Clubhouse is basically walking through a beautifully designed route inhaling the natural beauty while keeping an eye upwards on the human structures located at the ceiling trying to decide which one is more mesmerizing. And Libart is proud to be a part of this experience.

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