J. Parker Roof Top Bar

J. Parker Roof Top Bar

Project Name:J. Parker Roof Top Bar
Location:Chicago / USA
Solution:Restaurant & Cafe
RoofTop Bar & Restaurant
System:Retractable Structures
Sub System:FreeStanding
Size: 45’ wide x 35’ long main structure
Project Number:4655


The retractable glass roof system of 2,000 square feet of space installed at the J. Parker restaurant of Hotel Lincoln provides year-long breathtaking rooftop views. The marvelous rooftop is unique and should not be considered as the average one. Allowing the maximum seating capacity for space which have unique corners requires the unique solution of Libart.

The project architect for the J. Parker was Wesley Urschel of RATIO Architects. Urschel reviewed three different manufacturers to find the right fit because they have never seen a project of this scale before.Libart’s system, as a whole, was a little more solid than the others,” Urschel said. “The motors traveled with the system, and it allowed continuous access to the screen so customers can take in the gorgeous views. Libart was extremely helpful and easy to work with.”

After the completion of the project, the retractable roof enclosure continues to benefit the J. Parker with increased flexibility of operational round a year. The retractable enclosure gives the freedom to the place to be open every day – even when the windy city of Chicago doesn’t allow other restaurants to operate. Insulated glass provides the perfect comfort experience in the winters of the cold city. This capability of operating 365 days a year brings a clear return on investment for J. Parker.

For the entire process starting from designing to the installing of the retractable system Libarts clear communication with hotel ownership and architect. This teamwork and contribution of ideas and feedback's allowed Libart to deliver the unique solution surpassing the expectations.

“Libart couldn’t have been more helpful,” Urschel said. “I never once heard, ‘No, we can’t do that.’ They always looked for ways to engineer a solution.”

Since its debut, the J. Parker bar on the roof of the Hotel Lincoln has become a favorite for customers and a popular destination for Chicagoans and visitors alike. Attracting the visitors with the opening and closing of the retractable system space provides clear, unhindered and spectacular views for the Zoo, Lincoln Park, Lake Michigan and the high rises of the downtown which was limited to the summers before. The retractable glass roof system becomes the selling point of the restaurant and the unique experience allows the loyalty to be built with space which maximizes the number of re-visitors. This gives J. Parker flexibility and maximum earning potential.

WGN news covered  the Libart Project at the 13th Floor of Lincoln hotel. The J.Parker Roof garden have some of the most attractive retractable glass roof systems that attracts visitors and become a famous destination for a good environment place in winters. 

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