Jeju Nine Bridges Hotel - Golf Club

Jeju Nine Bridges Hotel - Golf Club

Project Name:Jeju Nine Bridges Hotel - Golf Club
Location:Jeju - Do / KOR
Solution:Hotel & Resort
Leisure & Recreation
Sub Solution:Health & Sport Centers
System:Retractable Structures
Sub System:FreeStanding
Size:E7B-CG Enclosure; W: 5.65m, L: 11.72m, 4 Modules, 8 Bays, Motorized R2 Operation with 3.16m Rail Extension with Heat Barrier Profile System
Glazing:6mm Low E Tempered + 14 + (55.2) Clear Laminated Insulated Glass
Project Number:10011

Discover the pinnacle of innovation at Jeju Nine Bridge Hotel, where Libart's Freestanding Self-supporting Enclosures solution takes the spotlight. Our retractable system seamlessly blends modernity with versatility, creating an ambiance that caters to your unique needs. Even amidst Jeju's challenging winters, our flawless installation ensures a functional and aesthetically pleasing result.

The weather-resistant design, featuring heat barrier profiles, stands as a testament to durability. Precisely crafted, the system's dimensions—5.65 meters width, 11.72 meters length, E7B-CG enclosure, 4 modules, 8 bays, motorized R2 operation with 3.159-meter rail extension with heat barrier profile system—showcase adaptability to diverse spaces. The glazing, composed of 6mm Low E tempered + 14 + (55.2) clear laminated insulated glass, provides both clarity and insulation for an optimal experience.

Jeju Nine Bridge Hotel exemplifies Libart's unwavering commitment to exceptional recreational solutions. The keywords "Libart's Retractable Structure" encapsulate the authentic and adaptable nature of our Freestanding solution. Immerse yourself in the seamless integration of design and functionality, redefining architectural possibilities.

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