Ludlow Gardens, Soho House

Ludlow Gardens, Soho House

Project Name:Ludlow Gardens, Soho House
Location:New York, USA
Solution:Hotel & Resort
Restaurant & Cafe
System:Retractable Skylights
Sub System:ClearSky
Size:EFB - 120° - Span: 6,4m x L:20m
Glazing:6mm Clear Temp. SN 70/37 + 20 + 55.2 Clear Laminated
Project Number:9613

To Brighter Days with Skylight Systems

Set in the heart of New York, Soho House is a starting point for discovering a special life. Soho House hosted many special gatherings, and even HBO and Netflix shows.  Soho House offers first class services, an enchanting atmosphere and breathtaking experience with the Ludlow Garden. It designed everything down to the smallest details to go above and beyond to truly make you feel special in Ludlow Garden. They chose Clearsky Retractable Systems by Libart for its outstanding design flexibility and quality to make it happen.

Clearsky Retractable Skylights System promises great comfort of fresh air all day long with its ability to withstand extreme weather conditions. No more craving for natural light and fresh air, because it offers both at the same time. It fully transports daylight and air down into interior spaces. The Libart Retractable Skylights System has a 6.4m span, and 20 m long, and is designed with a motorized opening and closing system. Soho House believes in Libart's Retractable Skylights to please its guests with an outdoor feel.

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