M Gallery Istanbul

M Gallery Istanbul

Project Name:M Gallery Istanbul
Location:Istanbul, Turkey
Solution:Hotel & Resort
Restaurant & Cafe
RoofTop Bar & Restaurant
System:Kinetic Telescopic Glass Wind Breaker
Sub System:KU - FC
Size:1.50m x 1.85m (47 pieces)
Glazing:6mm Tempered glass
Project Number:3564

If the world is a country, Istanbul will be its capital. To justify this phrase the city of Istanbul is visited by millions of people yearly and generates a good portion of revenue for Turkey. The large piece of this income is materialized by the hoteling industry which is increasing every year, so that brings more players in this market. With the increased competition every hotel wishes to be distinct in many ways.

The top feature of any hotel is the location and the view of the city which draw the attention of the foreign guests. But how would they make this feature noticeable?

This project of M Gallery Istanbul will answer this question! Located close to Galata tower which symbolizes the rich history of the city, the Galata Istanbul hotel is best in everything, from accommodation to food but what makes it distinct is the open air restaurant at the rooftop that presents a scenic view of Istanbul. However to enhance the value of the venue and make it noticeable Libart installs the newfangled Kinetic Wind Break systems. Retracting vertically these railing systems has the tempered single pane glass that works as the balcony railing or as a windbreaker without any structural hindrance in the middle. Providing a smooth panoramic view these vertical retracting glasses also works as the windbreaker and rain shield. Invented after years of research and surveys the aluminum glass railing system maintain a self-charging piston system inside the profiles that eliminates the outdated versions which used counterweights, thick profiles, cables and pulleys that becomes the reason for an unclear view. Stylish in look, easy to open and close with a push, panoramic views, modern architecture design, high resistance to wind loads and aesthetic integrity features of Kinetic glass balcony makes the M Gallery Istanbul a spectacular place to spend time with the wonderful sights of the Worlds capital. 

Libart got five-star reviews from the Accorhotels management that owns the place, for providing the solution of vertical retracting glass systems that enhance the customer experience at the venue.

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