Mama Shelter

Mama Shelter

Project Name:Mama Shelter
Solution:Hotel & Resort
System:Retractable Skylights
Sub System:SolaGlide
Size: 8.5m x 8.5m
Glazing:6mm tempered solar low-e 50/33 + 16mm argon + 55.2 Acoustic laminated
Project Number:4617

Mama Shelter is the premier brand in the hospitality industry. Currently, the brand has a physical presence in 11 cities and 6 countries. Hotels and restaurants in the city center are the value addition of the brand. However, the core mission of the Mama Shelter is to provide their customers with a luxury experience. The design and architecture of the spaces that create a delightful emotion are at the helm of Mama Shelter. They dream, plan and execute to give their customers a home-like feel. 

Their first establishment in London always remains their brand priority. It behaves as the catalyst for change and improvement. Priding themselves on the quirkiness of their ‘atypical places’, the brand was looking for something striking for their site in uber-trendy East London. Their search for extraordinary makes ways for them to partner with Libart. 

The roof of the central courtyard which was serving as first-floor roof garden underwent a radical rethink. It was removed so that the opportunity of indoor comfort and outdoor freedom should be availed using the Libart Solaglide retractable glass roof system. The sliding glass roof that was used covers the 8.5m x 8.5m courtyard at ground level. 

The project was tricky as the central courtyard space was also not perfectly square. It was of utmost importance to take the exact measurements during the survey. On the other side, the deadline was tight. Libart has to work with all the other construction partners at the site that are working simultaneously. Great coordinated teamwork was exhibited at the site considering all the necessary safety and health standards as per Libart’s operational norm. Considerable challenge; to install the support steel structure and movement of roof profiles, glass inside the courtyard from the cranes due to its central location in the building. Done and Dusted! 

The roof consists of two SolaGlide retracting roofs installed back to back to create a double-pitched roof with a 75% opening. For maximum thermal insulation, frames are thermally broken, and the glazing is argon-filled. Considering the reason that the establishment is a hotel and people need a restless sleep, Libart designed an acoustic glass to minimize the disturbance. 
The outcome for all the hard work granted the venue with the feature of good daylight all year round. It also provides shelter and insulation in the winter months. The same space is also welcoming the summers by opening the sliding glass frames transforming the space into a fully open courtyard. This opening of the glass roof furnishes the environment with airiness. The advanced engineering and technology at Libart enable the roof system to behave accordingly with the weather. To give an example the system will be closed automatically in case of rain, thanks to the rain sensor integrated within the system. 
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