Project Name:Menaggio
Location:Venice, Italy
Solution:Restaurant & Cafe
System:Panora - Vertical Opening Windows & Doors
Size:3750mm x 3270mm (h)
Glazing:Insulated glass, 5 mm Cl. T + 10 mm Air Gap + 5 mm Cl. T
Project Number:6527

In good architecture, it is a must to determine the most valuable assets in the project site and protect them. Imagine a hotel near a beautiful lake scenery in the romantic Italian landscape that has a restaurant on the ground level with a facade towards this view. This requires visual access and an uninterrupted gaze for the customers. To accomplish that was not difficult with Libart’s retractable door systems.

The Hotel Bellavista whose name is the equivalent to “beautiful view” in Italian is located in Menaggio and has the most beautiful view of a lake and hills where the blue meets the green. The former glazing system on the ground level was a folding-sliding system which was not adequate in climate control and required extra space to pile the glass panels when the system was opened. Our customer was also not happy with the ordinary, mundane appearance of the system.

Panora Vertical Retractable Door Systems provided the required architectural solution for the hotel with its simple yet elegant profiles which work perfect in terms of climate control due to its combination with glasses that have enhanced insulation properties. The guests can now enjoy the beautiful view without any obstacle. In summer, the system retracts upwards and completely disappears. And in winter the large width range of the system, which reached to 3,75 meters in this example, provides a mullionless, clean view, too.

The possibility of instant removal Panora Vertical Retractable Door System offers, lets the space act as one united outdoor space in good weather. And when required it divides the space into two separate areas as a wall does. In addition to these, due to its motorized technological system, the glazing system retracts vertically to top edge, hence no unnecessary loss of spaces in the venue and the probable seating area can be maximized.

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