Mola Istanbul Pool

Mola Istanbul Pool

Project Name:Mola Istanbul Pool
Location:Istanbul, Turkey
Solution:Hotel & Resort
Leisure & Recreation
Sub Solution:Aquatic & Swimming Pool
System:Retractable Skylights
Sub System:ClearSky
Size:V7B: Length: 32.370mm, Span: 18.553mm, Height: 4.912mm
Project Number:10012

Year-Round Comfort for Pools

We've completed 2 ClearSky Retractable Skylight system at Mola Istanbul Pool.

Year-round Comfort! Experience Libart's retractable systems of indoor comfort and outdoor freedom, summer or winter, day or night, with a seamless view. Libart's ClearSky Retractable Systems offer a swift transition, providing you with flexibility in seconds. When opened, it unveils unobstructed views of the sky, adding a touch of nature to your experience.

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