Sabanci University Sima Cafe

Sabanci University Sima Cafe

Project Name:Sabanci University Sima Cafe
Location:Istanbul, Turkey
Solution:Restaurant & Cafe
System:Retractable Structures
Sub System:LeanTo
Size:6.6m x 16.3m ( 21' x 53' )
Project Number:2762

Lean-to retractable structure is perfect for every cafe patio. Every cafe needs an outdoor space and an indoor space because their clients want to spend time in outdoor space in good weather and on the other hand, they want to be safe in harsh weather. To achieve this Indoor comfort and outdoor freedom; Libart retractable glass systems are the best choice.

For the sima cafe of Sabanci University, LeanTo retractable system was installed at the venue. The retracting lean-to opens down the middle to re-create the original open patio space for summer and sunny day enjoyment. It can be sealed during winter months allowing the café owner to maximize the revenue of his eating area while also attracting customers year-round that want to enjoy patio spaces at the restaurant.

The strength and reliability of glass structures are long-lasting if maintained properly. The maintenance is reasonable and easy with few hours required after a few months. Also, the operation of closing and opening is quite simple and didn't need much force even if it is a manual system.

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