Santo Cielo

Santo Cielo

Project Name:Santo Cielo
Location:Chicago / USA
Solution:Restaurant & Cafe
System:Panora - Vertical Opening Windows & Doors
Size:Width 3.5m | Height 2.5m | 11 GUGW3 Units
Glazing:8 Temp. + 16mm airgap + 8mm temp Insulated Solar Low-E Glass
Project Number:7725

Santo Cielo translates to “good heavens,” and while the restaurant, on the fifth floor of the Hotel Indigo, isn't exactly scraping the sky, its downtown Naperville views are very pretty. 

This project is unique as the Bien Trucha Group acquired this place at a very high price due to the location and the view from this space. Now the challenge they faced is to make this view prominent to the visitors. For that they have used the Libart Panora – View vertical Retracting Windows which offers panoramic views retracts downward and consolidates its panels to create a balustrade that optimizes space utilization.

The cold weather of Chicago the glass windows with no center profile allows the valuable view and when the weather's nice, Santo Cielo's windows retract downwards, turning the entire restaurant into an open-air cafe. The views are panoramic, and the feeling is like that you are sitting outside under the stars.

What Megy Karydes; the famous lifestyle blogger write at Forbes “Santo Cielo hopes to take the Bien Trucha group to new heights– quite literally, as the restaurant is located atop Hotel Indigo in Naperville, featuring sleek, monochromatic interiors and retractable windows that bring the views of Naperville’s downtown indoors year-round.” (via Forbes) 

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