Sensus Wine&Food Restaurant Piyalepasa

Sensus Wine&Food Restaurant Piyalepasa

Project Name:Sensus Wine&Food Restaurant Piyalepasa
Location:Istanbul / TR
Solution:Restaurant & Cafe
System:Kinetic Telescopic Glass Wind Breaker
Sub System:KU - FB
Size:7 pieces 1240 X 1850mm, 9 pieces 1420 X 1850mm, 3 pieces 1160 X 1850mm, 1 piece 1000 X 1850mm
Glazing:6mm Clear Temp. Glass
Project Number:10001

Considering the comfort of its guests, Sensus Wine&Food Restaurant decided to install Kinetic Telescopic Glass Railing KU-FB in their outdoor area.

Kinetic Telescopic Glass Railing KU-FB is its unique design, offering both portability and functionality in one stunning package.

At its core, this next-generation glass balustrade prioritizes safety from wind, making it an ideal choice for windy locations. But it doesn't stop there – its secondary function as an aesthetic masterpiece and its portability factor make it a top pick for cafes and restaurants.

The secret to its portability lies in its innovative design. Unlike traditional balustrades fixed to the ground, the Flower Glass Balustrade is easily movable. Yet, this mobility doesn't compromise its structural integrity. Reinforced with sand-filled boxes on both sides, it not only maintains its strength but also transforms into a charming flower garden, adding a natural and fresh touch to any environment.

What truly sets it apart is its user-friendly operation – effortlessly open and close, with no obstructive horizontal profiles. A must-have for cafes situated in windy locales.

A shining example of its success can be found at the Sensus Wine&Food Restaurant in Piyalepasa, where they've chosen this vertical retracting glass balustrade for its unbeatable benefits. Pictures speak volumes!

Experience the future of outdoor elegance with Kinetic Telescopic Glass Railing KU-FB by Libart – the perfect solution for open-air seating areas in restaurants and stores, seamlessly blending ventilation and separation...

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