Sur La Mer

Sur La Mer

Project Name:Sur La Mer
Location:Dubai / UAE
Sub Solution:Villa
Residential Complexes
System:Retractable Structures
Sub System:LeanTo
Size:EL: R3 (One Side Retraction), 3.2m x 2.2m span & 6.3m x 2.2m span for total of 147 different sizes
Glazing:6mm Grey Tinted + 16mm Air + 6mm Emicool Solite Neutre 71/42 Clear
Project Number:10006
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We provided a tailor-made solution by customizing LeanTo for 147 house. Now, homeowners can easily access their rooftops and enjoy the sunshine.

We recently wrapped up an exciting project in the United Arab Emirates at Sur La Mer residences, where we introduced Libart's LeanTo Retractable Structure solution. We successfully designed and installed roofs 147 apartments, villas, and housing complexes with this innovative approach.

Easy Access to Roof with Libart's LeanTo Retractable Structure as duty of access hatch!

Libart's LeanTo Retractable system is a game-changer, seamlessly connecting the interior of the home to the roof and creating a smooth and innovative transition. At Libart, our expertise extends beyond just the scale of the project. With our robust production, transportation, assembly, and maintenance capabilities, we efficiently handle large-scale and diverse technical installations within tight timelines.

Libart's collaboration with the project owner enabled us to tailor made solutions for each housing structure in the Sur La Mer project. This tailored approach extends to all our systems at Libart, showcasing their inherent flexibility for special projects. In the case of Sur La Mer, Libart's LeanTo systems were ingeniously adapted to incorporate Glass Roof Access Hatches, ensuring that homeowners can easily access the roof, bask in additional sunlight, and enjoy a truly personalized experience within their homes.

In contrast to traditional pool enclosures or rooftop bar covers, LeanTo retractable systems boasts a smaller footprint on residential roofs. This design choice enables homeowners to preserve the natural light from the roof throughout all four seasons and gives them the option to open it up for fresh air when desired. The outcome? Improved energy efficiency and budget savings through enhanced lighting and ventilation.  Glass Roof Access Hatch is another feature that enhances the practicality and accessibility of our roofing solutions.

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