Sykesville Pool

Sykesville Pool

Project Name:Sykesville Pool
Location:Sykesville, MD, USA
Sub Solution:Villa
Aquatic & Swimming Pool
System:Retractable Structures
Sub System:FreeStanding
Size:8.8m x 14.9m (26' x 49')
Project Number:3698

Our Libart customer Tammy had a growing desire for year-round use of her pool area and increasing arthritic symptoms sent and urgency to the matter. Research was made into how the pool could be kept warm and usable during colder months?

The Retractable Pool Enclosure is the Answer

The search was the lady ended with the connection with Libart pool. Decades of experience in retractable pool enclosure cover designs, manufacturing and installation have made the team at Libart the perfect choice for covering the pool. Two inevitable features of Libart retractable structure, Cost and Efficiency which always help us to win the project. 

After long use of our retracting residential structure she is extremely pleased with her product. The solar covering keeps the area warm during the winter and blocks harmful rays during the summer. It takes barely a few minutes to open the kinetic building at which point it provides Tammy full indoor comfort with outdoor freedom

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